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Decision Support Tools

We can apply our expert system engine to help a user navigate through complex treatment algorithms or clinical guidelines.

The best way to think about our decision support tools is to think of a clinical guideline algorithm as a roadmap or aerial view of a city. The person might trace their finger along the map, trying to find their way along each node of the map, making decisions about whether to go right or left, etc. When the person is using the FloBase® decision tool, it is like actually being on the road, driving along the path and the program asking them to make decisions at every fork in the road. When the user is not sure of a decision, there is always a potential for a “tell me more” choice which will help them to make the decision.

The final result is a very friendly way to allow the user to understand complex and overlapping sets of guidelines and lead them to a predictable endpoint. Examples of this process are available to potential clients with a password.




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