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The FloBase Learning Model™ addresses many of the frustrations of educators and learners.

FloBase delivers learning in a truly individualized and personalized manner, using the FloBase® expert system engine. FloBase brings the concept of interactive learning to a new level because it determines what the individual trainee needs to know and how to deliver the information in a manner which matches the individual learner's demographics, cognitive style and learning style. The FloBase Learning Model™ incorporates evidence based visual learning techniques and current educational theory into interactive video and text, customized to the needs of the individual.

The problem:

Traditional classroom as well as conventional internet education has proved to be inefficient, redundent and not geared to individual learning needs. In the conventional classroom environment, textbooks and webinars are geared to a heterogenous group. It is no wonder that teachers do not expect 100% mastery of their material. Time is wasted when a trainee is exposed to material they already have mastered, while other trainees are lost when they are lacking prerequisite knowledge of the material.

The solution:

The FloBase Learning Model™ uses adaptive assessments to determine what the individual learner needs to be taught in order to achieve the learning objectives. It filters out material which does not need to be taught to a person who can prove mastery of certain points. It defines their list of personalized learning objectives to bring them to the overall course objectives.

FloBase then teaches these objectives in the manner that most efficiently matches the user's own personal learning and cognitive style, in a manner relevant to their own demographics and any other parameters which are important.

Time is saved and learners are less bored when the teaching is customized and relevant.

Within the FloBase Learning Bank system, instructors can monitor the students on line, as individuals, or as groups, to continually improve the experience in the classroom.

The program can provide the learner with personalized study points and notes relevant to the encounter to make later review and study easier. The system is even capable of producing an adaptive textbook customized to each learner. In certain settings, this format may be more appropriate than an interactive video presentation.

The modules can be configured to allow online relevant review for remote post-testing, weeks or months later. These tests can also be customized to the learner’s performance in the original learning module.

FloBase learning modules are well suited for the concept of Flip Learning or The Flipped Classroom, since the learners can use a personalized learning program away from class and interact in a more meaningful way with the teacher when they come to class. The power of personalized self-teaching optimizes learning objectives and classroom experience solidifies it in the group environment... an ideal form of education, far superior to conventional information transfer.

FloBase modules are created through an exclusive arrangement with Interactive Video Technology (IVT) who collaborates directly with our clients. IVT will gladly answer any questions you may have about applying FloBase technology to your needs.

Development costs are low because of the highly efficient and rapid FloBase development process.

Potential collaborators may contact them at:

ivt@IVTproductions.com OR CLICK HERE




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