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The FloBase Learning Bank™

The basic principle is that “no knowledge is lost”. The FloBase Learning Bank™ facilitates cumulative learning as well as ongoing decision support for ongoing performance improvement.

Cumulative Learning

The FloBase Learning Bank™ can update its understanding of the user's learning style and acquired knowledge from their performance on each learning module. Based on this information, the FloBase® engine can individualize the content and presentation style of subsequent learning modules as it continually adjusts itself to the needs and abilities of the returning learner. A client may wish for a series of teaching modules to be created, each one dependant upon the previous ones. It is also possible for educational modules to be dated so automatic updates in certain areas of knowledge can be taught. Again, objectives mastered in one learning module need not be retaught in another one.

Instructor's Module

If desired, an instructor can register learners and monitor their progress as they proceed with their online learning. The instructor can see which objectives were initially weak and how many times an objective needed to be taught until the learner could demonstrate mastery. This feedback can be transferred to the client or development team for ongoing improvement of the learning module.

Decision Support

Configurations may vary with the needs of the client, but the FloBase Learning Bank can be used to initially train a user and then allow them to return to use the powerful decision support or mentoring capabilities of the powerful Flobase expert system engine. Registered users may also access mentoring modules to help solve problems relating to learned topics or to refresh their understanding of previously mastered knowledge.

In complicated situations where complex policies or procedures are always in a state of change, the content of the mentoring module can be rapidly altered by IVT and the registered users can be notified of changes to "update" the items which apply to them individually. The FloBase engine is particularly well suited to complex decision trees containing large numbers of exceptions.

FloBase Learning Bank® is based on the FloBase Learning Model™.

FloBase modules are created through an exclusive arrangement with Interactive Video Technology (IVT) who collaborates directly with our clients. IVT will gladly answer any questions you may have about applying FloBase technology to your needs.

Development costs are low because of the highly efficient and rapid FloBase development process.

Potential collaborators may contact them at:

ivt@IVTproductions.com OR CLICK HERE




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