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What is the FloBase Medical Logic Consortium?

The FloBase Medical Logic Consortium™ (or FMLC) is sponsored by FloBase Inc. as a mechanism for medical professionals to collaborate on projects which use the FloBase® logic engine to create expert system modules which can be integrated into Arbor Medicus® global health community.

Arbor Medicus is a large integrated system which can be utilized by patients and physicians for information gathering, decision support, education and medical documentation. Much more information about Arbor Medicus is available here:

Purpose of the FloBase Medical Logic Consortium

The purpose of this consortium is to develop intelligent methods for patient interrogation, physician decision support, physician education and patient education which will be integrated in the Arbor Medicus. Arbor Medicus links physicians and patients and can be linked to existing medical record programs which are capable of connectivity. It is used by patients to prepare for a visit with their healthcare provider.

It is our intention to develop and promote the development and dissemination of interconnected modules for interrogation and education, through the use of the advanced FloBase technology for program development.

Who organizes this consortium?

The consortium is headed by Edmund Messina MD, a board-certified neurologist who holds the patent for FloBase. He has been dedicated to developing medical expert systems since the 1980s for patient management and physician education. Over the years, he has collaborated with other medical experts to produce specific expert system modules.

Who should join the FloBase Medical Logic Consortium?

We are looking for clinical people, including physicians, nurses and midlevel practitioners a well as grant writers and anyone else interesting in improving the way healthcare is delivered, through the Arbor Medicus. The main roles are as follows:

CLINICAL CONTRIBUTORS: Collaborate with us to write the logic rules for the questioning and report writing functions, in areas of their demonstrated expertise.

CLINICAL CONSULTANTS: Provide useful clinical input to the work of the contributing authors.

CLINICAL REVIEWERS: These are registered users of the Arbor Medicus system in their clinical practice and provide feedback on content and logic. Clinical reviewers, as well as contributors and consultants, will be able to directly register patients into the system and access their information for inclusion in their medical records. Reviewers do not need to be using any type of EMR to be eligible.

Why should I join the FloBase Medical Logic Consortium?

You should join us if you want to help improve medicine as we know it, by creating tools where your knowledge and experience can be used to help others.

You may find it gratifying to help create meaningful detailed medical histories which are true expert systems,  by capturing clinical expertise from experienced clinicians applying the art of intelligent interrogation to evidence based guidelines for definition of illnesses based on very personalized histories.

You may have a very special project in mind for clinical or research purposes, and this may be a good way to apply FloBase technology to meet your needs.

Do I get paid?

Good question. The basic Arbor Medicus website is free for patient use, to help themselves better express themselves to their physicians, so there is no revenue stream.

When grants or commercial funding is available for specific development projects, the monies are divided among those who make intellectual contributions to the project. Arbor Medicus is not intended to be a commercial enterprise, although FloBase Inc. and Interactive Video Technology are actual corporations. Arbor Medicus is not just a scheme to bring money into those organizations, we have a higher purpose in mind.

Which specific projects are underway?

As of November 2012:

We are seeking consultants and reviewers for the General Medical History which is running on the Arbor Medicus site. Unpaid. The general history is a screener for illnesses, well suited to a first visit for primary care as well as medical subspecialties. We are now seeking to develop a chief complaint section.

We are in the process of creating a more complete headache history taker and seeking to update the section on sleep disorders. We would also like to identify contributors, consultants and reviewers to deepen the history logic for the other medical subspecialties as they apply to screening primary care patients as well as vertical histories applicable to specialty medicine.

What do I have to do?

The first step is to email Dr. Messina and tell him your areas of interest. He will respond to all clinical queries.

If you are a content contributor, Dr. Messina or a member of his staff will work directly with you, in person or with an online meeting program, to literally collaborate on the actual development algorithm. If you are a consultant, you will be able to run the wireframe of the program and enter comments at the end of each patient question. All comments will be considered by the clinical development team, which consists of contributors and consultants.

The FloBase® development cycle is fast and efficient... and collaborative. Click herefor more detailed information about our development process.

What if I have a "pet project" to develop?

We welcome new ways to imbed logic into Arbor Medicus or even to work with you on a standalone module if it interests us. Contact us!

If you would like to discuss your potential involvement with the consortium, please contact Dr. Messina by typing the following address into your email program:

edmessina@arbormedicus.com OR CLICK HERE





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