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  Develioping a Medical Module  

The FloBase® development cycle is fast and efficient.

How a FloBase Medical Module is Developed

The FloBase system lends itself very well to collaborative program development because of his very rapid turnaround of working models.

The FloBase system readily adapts to the (Successive Approximation Model) methods of program development. This is a circle of Design--> Prototype-->Review, which makes a few revolutions until it is ready to proceed.


FloBase prototypes can be rapidly created in the FloBase language as design ideas are developed, allowing collaborators to confirm the overall design of the medical logic as the module takes form.


Rough graphics can then be added, when necessary, and the "wireframe" models can be reviewed and tested by the design team and content experts. The module runs in realtime to show exactly how it works, programming is NEVER the rate limiting step.

The proposed prototype can be rapidly altered until the design is agreed upon, without reprogramming because FloBase system literally writes the code as collaborators make comments and share ideas.

The system is configured to allow comments by reviewers as they run through the program, and these comments are later incorporated into the design. The cycle continues until all of the team signs off on it.


This rapid turnover of the working educational model allows efficient and rapid program development. Once the design proof is agreed upon, final graphics, sound and video elements can then be produced and added. Remember, FloBase questions can contain text alone or with graphics, audio and video to best reach the patient.


The testing phase of the FloBase module is likewise very efficient: Since the program writes the flawless code which runs the module, the only alpha or beta testing necessary involves the content itself. Programming "bugs" are nonexistent in the FloBase learning model.


FloBase modules are created through an exclusive arrangement with Interactive Video Technology (IVT) who collaborates directly with our clients. IVT will gladly answer any questions you may have about applying FloBase technology to your needs. click here

Potential collaborators may contact them at:

ivt@IVTproductions.com OR CLICK HERE




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