Sharpen your approach to headache patients with a new educational program which plays like a movie. In fact, the dramatization used in this CME were filmed concurrently with the feature film, Lily’s Mom. You manage her case... it's like you are part of the movie.

The protagonist, Mary, is a frustrated headache person who struggles for help as she sees doctors and a therapist. Based on patient feedback from the Migraine Communication Study, see what these patients are really experiencing and what they are saying about us, the healthcare professionals…

This interactive video allows you to see the consequences of your clinical decisions on poor Mary's quality of life, accompanied by mini-lectures by Drs. Diamond and Messina.

Edmund Messina MD, FAHS, Medical Director,
Michigan Headache Clinic, East Lansing, MI

Merle Diamond, MD, President and Managing Director,
Diamond Headache Clinic, Chicago, IL


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Experience these dramatic and sometimes amusing clinical situations. You evaluate and treat Mary's migraine as it influences her overall quality of life.

Apply your clinical skills when dealing with this complex migraine patient...People like Mary are actually very common... Become more aware of danger signs and frustrations when you actually LISTEN to Mary's story.

This artificial intelligence program places you into a truly interactive video environment. It configures itself to the needs and strengths of the individual learner, to sharpen your own personal clinical skills when managing the patient with migraine.

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Runtime 2 hrs, no CME credits granted

NOTE: You can start and stop as often as you like. The program continues where you left off. We understand how busy clinical medicine can get.


Course Objectives:

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This educational module was developed in cooperation with the FloBase Learning Bank
and meets its educational standards.

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